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Staňte se affiliate partnerem


Staňte se affiliate partnerem


Staňte se affiliate partnerem


Staňte se affiliate partnerem

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Get access to partner-specific tools, training support, to help you develop your knowledge of BaseLinker.

Gain access to 24/7 dedicated partner support provided by our expert customer service and sales team representatives.

24/7 Partner Support

Access to partner marketing material, exclusive promotional offers and product demos for your clients

Promotional Material

Offer your clients a world class ecommerce solution

Grow with BaseLinker as a Partner

Over 27,000 merchants use BaseLinker. You’ll be working with a market leading product that your clients will want to use.

Offer your clients a cost effective and flexible product when you partner with BaseLinker

Earn commission from clients who sign up to our paid plans. Grow your business and earn from BaseLinker at the same time.

Earn Commission

from client referrals

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How do I join the Ambassador Program?

Who makes a successful Ambassador?

E-commerce Professionals

Integration Partners



Digital Marketing

Our program is a perfect fit for agencies, consultants, freelancers who provide services to online retailers and brands


If you provide online store installation services, offer your clients a powerful solution for marketptplace integration

Connect your clients shop platforms with BaseLinker and promote it as a fully integrated with marketplaces!

Agencies who share our customer base and want to grow their business portfolio

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Q. What is the BaseLinker Ambassador Program?

BaseLinker Ambassador Program FAQs

The BaseLinker Ambassador Program is an initiative for consultants, agencies, and other partners in the e-commerce sector who can promote BaseLinker to their clients. Ambassadors earn commissions for each new customer referral and gain access to exclusive marketing materials and support.

Q. What type of busineses would be interested in BaseLinker?

Q. How does the commission structure work?

Q. How do I track my commissions?

Once you are approved for the BaseLinker program, you will gain access to our partner portal where you can manage all of your activity as an Ambassador. You will be able to track all referrals and view all earned and pending commission payments.

BaseLinker is designed for e-commerce businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their operations. Our typical customers include online retailers, multi-channel sellers, and businesses that require efficient inventory management, order processing, and integration with multiple sales platforms.

Ambassadors receive a commission for every new customer they refer who signs up for a paid plan with BaseLinker. The specific commission rates and payment terms will be detailed in the ambassador agreement.

Q. What marketing materials are available to Ambassadors?

Q. Who can join the BaseLinker Ambassador Program?

Ambassadors will have access to a variety of marketing resources, including banners, brochures, case studies, and promotional content. We also provide guidance on best practices for promoting BaseLinker to potential customers.

The program is open to consultants, digital marketing agencies, e-commerce experts, and other professionals who have a shared customer base with BaseLinker. If you work with clients who could benefit from improved e-commerce management solutions, you’re a great fit for our program.

Q. Are there any costs involved in joining the program?

No, joining the BaseLinker Ambassador Program is completely free. There are no hidden fees or charges – just opportunities to earn commissions and grow your business.

Q. What kind of businesses will benefit most from BaseLinker?

Businesses that manage multiple sales channels, have complex inventory needs, or require integration with various e-commerce platforms will find BaseLinker especially beneficial. Our system simplifies order management, inventory synchronisation, and customer communication, making it ideal for growing e-commerce businesses.

What our customers have to say about BaseLinker?

" I would definitely recommend moving to BaseLinker. It provided value for money and it had all the integration services we needed"

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